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Author of best-selling non-fiction books on sustainable agriculture, historical lifestyles, and food policy

Nicole Price-Morin is an urban farmer and best-selling author of books on sustainable agriculture and food policy. Originally from Montana, she now lives with her husband, four kids and giant dog on the West Coast. Her books include The Ultimate Guide series published by Skyhorse Publishing under the pen name Nicole Faires.

The Ultimate Guide to Urban Farming

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The Ultimate Guide to Natural Farming

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Food Confidential

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The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading

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I’m loving how thorough it is and how she’s done all the work for the reader, boiling down tons of information into really manageable instructions. It seems like the kind of book any homesteader or wannabe homesteader should have on their shelf, ready for a quick flip through to answer any question.
Progressive Pioneer
The book is easy to read, well made, with lots of color photographs and diagrams, nice thick glossy pages ensure this book will last for a long time, that’s a good thing because once you have this book, you will be referring to it over and over again throughout the years.
Wretha's Adventures Living 100% Off the Grid
I recommend you give this book to your neighbor or mother if they look at you in confusion when you say the word “permaculture”. Nicole Faires goes out of her way to keep the book mainstream, her goal being to launch Permaculture zonespermaculture beyond the “hippies and hipsters” who she thinks often advocate permaculture in a manner that turns off the suburban housewife and traditional farmer.
No Ordinary Homestead
For the beginner and even the more experienced homesteader, there are some very interesting entries including how to raise water buffalo and make solar ovens. Nothing in the book is fluff. It’s all about getting the most out of your chosen lifestyle. Something that I find truly interesting about this book that is different from many homesteading books is that absolutely NOTHING in this book that contains any projects or information that requires any outside-purchased materials.
Off The Grid News
Food Tyrants offers step-by-step solutions to the problem of access to healthy food that anyone can follow. The book is very well written, with excellent documentation of everything she states (it has a 29 page bibliography) and an index.
Everybody who eats needs to read Food Tyrants, the most important book I’ve read in at least five years. I recommend it without reservation.
Spotted Tail

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